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Plastic 3D Printing and Metal Service 

>>Titanium,Aluminum,Maraging And Stainless Steel

>>ABS,PC,Nylon,PLA And more

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Metal 3D Printing Service

Metal 3D printing is a revolutionary technology that produces impossible-to-make parts directly from your CAD data. Advantages to this process include the ability to produce strong, complex geometries, internal lattice structures, conformal cooling channels and other features that cannot be made with traditional machining. Parts can be made quickly with a minimum of material waste making them ideal for next-generation engineering in aerospace, medical, automotive and other industries

Plastic 3D Printing Service

3D Printing is a process way which use the principle of discrete layered and layer by layer accumulation, to turn the three-dimensional computer data into prototypes directly. It has fast making and high precision advantages. JTC has 6 sets of 3D/SLA/SLS printing machines, offers good quality resin, transparent and PA prototypes/mockup/models to clients all over the world.

Advantages Of 3D Printing

There are many benefits for 3D printing, especially if you know how to optimize your product design to take advantage of them. Benefits include:

  • Metal 3D printed parts are fully dense, incorporating complex geometries and precise internal features that cannot be made with traditional machining alone.
  • Designs can be made quickly with a minimum of material waste while maximizing strength.
  • Conformal cooling channels greatly improve performance and resistance to thermal stress, ideal for aerospace and automotive applications.
  • Multiple, identical parts can be built on a single platform at one time, greatly increasing production efficiency.

Why Choose ​​  ​Wiesel   for Rapid Prototyping?

√ Reliability and Rapid Completion Times
In rapid prototyping, time is of the essence—however, speed shouldn’t compromise quality. wiesel gives you the best of both. We have 2- to 48-hour response times on RFQ’s , as well as on-time delivery against our commitments. 

✓ Industry-Leading Expertise with an International Presence

Our team has cenuries of combined experfence in the manufacturing industy. We can handle rapid probotyping services for ogankzations worldaide.

✓ Intelligent Quotations for Every Project

To help you get the ideal rate for our rapid prototyping services, we never require a minimum order volume or minimum dollar value. Plus, we use state-of-the-art AI quotation algorithms to get you your quote quickly (24 hours or less for nearly all projects).
√ Cutting-Edge Equipment
To successfully create high-performing prototypes, our team uses some of the best equipment available 
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FDM vs. SLA: Comparing 3D Printing Technologies Print Quality and Precision

When additive manufacturing processes produce parts layer by layer, each layer also introduces an opportunity for inaccuracy. The process by which layers are formed affects the surface quality, level of precision, and the accuracy of each layer, and consequently, the overall print quality.

FDM 3D printers form layers by depositing lines of molten material. With this process, the resolution of the part is defined by the size of the extrusion nozzle and there are voids in between the rounded lines as the nozzle deposits them. As a result, layers may not fully adhere to one another, layers are generally clearly visible on the surface, and the process lacks the ability to reproduce intricate details that other technologies can offer.

In SLA 3D printing, liquid resin is cured by a highly-precise laser to form each layer, which can achieve much finer details and is more reliable to repeatedly achieve high-quality results. As a result, SLA 3D printing is known for its fine features, smooth surface finish, ultimate part precision, and accuracy.

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