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 Free Service for Product Innovation before production

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Product design as a verb is to create a new product to be sold by a business to its customers. A very broad coefficient and effective generation and development of ideas through a process that leads to new products. Thus, it is a major aspect of new product development.

Why need to make the product Innovation before production,some structure isn't suitable for production,Not suitable material can't meet product need, Not right surface finish can't meet the customer need, if can solve them before production can save the time and money

Main Service:

*Custom Structural Design     *Custom  Product 2D Layout     *Custom  Product Functional Analysis and Testing

*Custom  Mold Innovation    *Custom  MoldFlow Analysis

 Wiesel can quote the 2D drawing by pdf or jpg. Before production,  Wiesel can build the 3D follow 2D drawing without adding more payment. That's free for customer.  The 3D files will send to customer after the project ( the format of drawing is Step,Iges,X_T).

When Prototyp is done by CNC,  Not the suitable gap and the corner is right angle,not Round angle, it can add the cost of CNC. If we can change the design before quotation, it can save some time and money for customer. Wiesel will do the jog for free in all the projects.

Why Choose Wiesel For Product Innovation and Rapid Prototyping & Mass production 

>> An Extensive Range of Rapid Prototyping Services

To meet the diverse low-volume production needs of our worldwide clientele, Wiesel proudly provides a wide range of manufacturing services deployed with industry-leading agility. These include CNC machining, 3D Printing , Vacuum molding and more. You can trust us to manage your production with the precision and quality you deserve.

>> Free Service for Production Innovation before production

Good design for production, Can save the machining time and cost.Wiesel have much experience for Rapid Prototyping & Mass production by plastic and metal.

>> An Extensive Rang of  Mold Innovation Services

To meet the diverse different material production needs of our wordwide clientele, Wiesel proudly provide many ways deployed with industry-leading agility. These include Injecting mold, Die casting mold, Stampe die mold, Silicone Stampe mold and more . 

>> An Extensive Rang of Mass production Services

To meet the diverse different material product needs of our wordwide clientele,Wiesel proundly many ways deployed with industry-leading agility. These include Injecting for plastic, Die casting for Aluminium and Zinc alloy,Stampe die mold for Metal

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After Product Design , Wiesel aslo can give the serve for production about plastic and metal

>>Rapid Prototyping for plastic and metal about sample             >>Mold Innovation and Mass production for large quantity 

          3D Printing

          Metal CNC 

     Vacuum Molding 

          Plastic CNC

             Mold Molding

       Product Production

          Product finish

Some our project for customer

             Mold Making Service

        Plastic CNC Service

         Metal CNC Service