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What are the issues to be aware of in plastic mold design?
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1. The rubber inlet should be opened in the thick part of the product to ensure smooth and complete filling;
2. Try to open it at the edge or bottom without affecting the appearance and function of the product;
3. At the cold material hole near the gate, the pull rod is often set at the end to facilitate the demolding of the runner;

4, large or flat products, it is recommended to use multi-point pouring, to prevent product warping deformation and lack of material

5, its position should be selected in the shortest part of the plastic filling process to reduce pressure loss, which is conducive to mold exhaust;

6, avoid opening the gate near the slender core, so as to avoid the flow directly impacting the core, resulting in deformation misalignment or bending;

7. The size of the gate is determined by the size of the product, the geometry, the structure and the type of the plastic. The small size can be taken first and then corrected according to the condition of the test mold;

8. It can be judged by mold flow analysis or experience to judge whether the product is combined with the position of the gate, whether it affects the appearance and function of the product, and can be solved by adding a cold material hole

 9. When the mold is more than one hole, the same product adopts the symmetric infusion method. When the same product is molded in the same mold, the largest product is placed in the position close to the main channel.